Kazakhstan, Switzerland implement transit corridor project New Silk Road

Companies Kazakhstan Railways, InterRail Holding AG Switzerland and PTB Perse Forwarding Co Ltd will jointly implement the project of a new transit corridor New Silk Road with the use of advance information technology and IT-portal (“E-Train “), the press service of Kazakh companies said on Friday.

“It will be based on a memorandum of cooperation and collaboration that will be signed between the parties,” Kazakhstan Railways said.

The parties intend to jointly develop the routes West-East and East – West between Western Europe and Kazakhstan via Brest / Ozinki regular routes by connecting high-speed container trains East Wind and West Wind with the project Kazakhstan vector from Brest to Aktobe. As a result, the connection of traffic to / from China through the “hub” Aktobe is planned, as well as the development of transportation to the west of Kazakhstan and Central Asia to Western Europe via the national system of Kazakhstan.

The memorandum provides filling of the rail corridor Uzen – Bereket – Gorgan and the rail-sea corridor Aktau-Bandar Abbas-Abad for the transport of goods, as well as exchange of experience in logistics business between companies in the development of container terminal networks, and transport, both in Kazakhstan and internationally.

TransInvest – group of independent companies operating internationally. TransInvest Group consists of some 130 individual companies. InterRail Holding AG is part of TransInvest Group – international transport and logistics group based in Switzerland. Company PTB, as part of the TransInvest Group, was founded in 1961 and has its own branches in more than 14 border stations.