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KEP1 Local Content Forum in September 2018

Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO) plans to hold a Local Content Forum for international and Kazakhstan suppliers, as well as relevant state authorities and associations with the aim to introduce with Karachaganak Expansion Project 1st stage of development (KEP-1), KPO requirements to goods, works and services providers (GWS), with KEP-1 local content strategy and expected needs.

 This Forum will provide an opportunity for local suppliers to meet with representatives of:

−     KEP-1 implementation Project Team, the Contracts and Procurement Department, the Market Intelligence and Vendor Qualification Department, the Local Content Development Department – to clarify the issues related to the KEP-1 scope and associated requirements;

−     Major foreign oil and gas suppliers and service providers – to discuss the possibility of establishing a potential partnership with Kazakh companies for the supply of goods,  works and services to KPO or providing associated services as a subcontractor, obtaining all information from local suppliers and service providers and agreement of further ways of cooperation.

 The Forum is a one-day event will take place on 7th of September 2018 in the conference room of “Hillton Astana” hotel in Astana (46 Sauran str., Expo region).

Draft KEP forum agenda_09.08.18

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